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Why is YELLOW extra cost?

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Why is there an extra charge for YELLOW? I guess I could understand an extra charge on the Aquablur (maybe that type of 'changing-color' is harder to paint?). Also, I think I've read that it is harder to paint black (shows flaws?), but no extra charge there.

Considering the price of the car, an extra $350 is really not a big deal to pay for ANY color if you want it, but I'm just curious why they charge extra.

I know Dodge charges extra for the RED on the Magnum, so maybe this is a common practice.
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I know why. The yellow base coat paint is EXPENSIVE. When I couldn't find any touch-up paint locally, I went to have a pint (the least they will mix) mixed up at my local paint store. The yellow paint in PPG brand was $ 59.80 a pint. If you do the math that's almost $ 480.00 a gallon. I figure it would take 2-1/2 to 3 gallons to paint an SSR. The other colors are much less expensive.
yes yellow is more

the pigment is very expensive and it needs to be dense to cover. some one in your area should mix a touch up bottle instead of gobs you'll never use. 6 to 10 bucks. and they will check that it maches.
I got my touch up paint stick free from the dealer the week after I got my SSR.
I got one rock chip on the hood, and small as it was, it took me a WEEK to get it right. :cuss
I always apply a small amount, let dry, buff it down, then repeat until it's even, but it was ALWAYS too dark! :mad
I finally applied white touch up paint FIRST, then used yellow, now no one can tell but me. :thumbs
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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