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Why Jim G has been so silent lately

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I've been asked several times already so I thought I'd better post about why you haven't seen any more progress on my SSR lately.

I got laid off my assignment in Atlanta!

This really put a crimp in my plans. I had planned on being there about a year instead of just 4 months. But, the client has started a major IT reorganization, and so my project, after being "delayed" for the last 8 weeks I was there, will now either will not get done at all or will be outsourced to IBM.

I had planned on working with Reese at MTI in Atlanta on my SSR. We had a good relationship going. I was getting my SSR built up one step at a time, and he was getting good data for a complete MTI SSR offering.

It's pretty tough to continue that from 1000 miles away.

It's not as easy as simply finding another shop to work with here in Austin, for a couple of reasons. First, you don't find a Reese Cox in every city. He's very good.
Secondly, I don't even know what city my next assignment will be in! (I take contract IT project management assignments wherever they pop up, as a "regular" job in IT these days doesn't pay enough to keep a star student in college (2 more years to go . . . )

So, I'm afraid there's going to be a temporary lull in my writing. Sigh. THAT's the way I'd REALLY like to make my living, but I think automotive writers don't do much betetr than "starving artists".

I'll keep you guys posted.

If any of you have an employer who is looking for a computer project contractor, let me know! :)

Jim G
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My neighbor is a chemical engineer and is going through the same thing you are. His work now has him in Boston for who knows how long, it is all computer chip related. He is able to come home for a weekend every few weeks, but I know he gets tired of the commute.

Hope you get to light at home for awhile (while working). See you on the road.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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