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Did you see this on the ticket order page?

Jack Matia, owner of the Jack Matia Chevrolet dealership in Elyria, OH, has generously offered to allow us to continue the raffle so we can give this really cool modern truck roadster with the exceptionally fast engine away. Jack will honor the vehicle's sticker price ($46,840.00) on any other vehicles on his car lot if the winner elects to take another vehicle or vehicles instead of the SSR.

Jack said that Chevrolet made just 4,000 SSRs in 2004 and the car has already become a collectable.

Now there's a knowledgable Chevy dealer. Offering to take full sticker price on a trade for any other vehicle. Does he have an 05 on the lot???
All of us 04 owners can now say we own a collectable.

Its almost worth buying a ticket just to trade it for something worth closer to the sticker.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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