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Bulletin 05-08-58-003 has been released to help diagnose the following windnoise conditions in the 2003-2005 Chevrolet SSR.

-Windnoise from the side and rear edge of the tonneau cover.
-Windnoise around the door glass.
-Windnoise from the weatherstrip joints.
-Leak in the rear corner between the front roof panel and seal.
-Windnoise from across the roof.
-Leak in the rear corner between the seal and the roof panel.
-Leak between the side rail weatherstrip retainer and the roof weatherstrip retainer.

Here are the GM parts that may be needed, depending on diagnostics results.

Part Number Description

15257741 Seal, Roof FRT LH
15257742 Seal, Roof FRT RH
15257745 Seal, Roof RR PNL LH
15257746 Seal, Roof RR PNL RH

Compared to the mustang, our SSR is better!

A friend of mine inherited a new Mustang convertible, and they took it on their honeymoon last week. When they got back, she called to tell me how bad the wind noise is in that the point that she could feel the breeze and it was downright annoying. She said the windows just don't seat right.
Now, our SSR is the first convertible I've owned, so I'm not very familiar with them or the difference between a hardtop retractable and a conventional convertible...that said, I've got to add that we have very little wind noise problems (knock on wood!). Obviously, others do, but, thankfully, we have avoided it.

In any case-thanks for the info.

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