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Well, while we are into problems, here are mine.
I have a faint whine coming out of the rear end while just holding
the throttle just around 45 mph in a cruise mode. (note: you have to turn the stereo off with the top up).
I used to be a Chevy dealer mechanic so I probably listen to noises differently than most people. Just going to let it go for now and see if it gets worse.
While detailing underneath, found a couple of potential rattles.
1. The piece of plastic that fits underneath the filter, removed it and put a bead of black RTV where it hits the crossmember.
2. A cover plate that covers the hole where the bellhousing bolts to the engine block on the left side right next to the exhaust pipe.
Pried it out just enough to squeeze some RTV between it and the
bellhousing. No more rattles except for the top on roads with
potholes and railroad tracks.
Also ran the battery down in the garage. Everything quits like turning a switch off and the key cannot be removed. Be careful when you're out at a park, lake or wherever and remember to start the engine once in a while to recharge. Lasted about three hours in Accessory position with the doors open.
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