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Good morning to everyone,

I am new to this club. I bought my SSR last October and just had the windows tinted! My SSR is Black and the Tint is 15% . I did read in some of the threads that others had trouble with their tinting after they had it done? Something about the SSR not having the felt where other vehicles do? Anyway low and behold my tint now has a few deep scratches in it! I have tried to find the Moleskin or the Adhesive backed felt....No one around here seems to have it or knows
what I am talking about! (Houston area). I did read that one of the SSR members did have acces to the moleskin and instructions to installing it, or taking off the door panels? If that person or persons happen to read this thread would you mind letting me know? My personal email address is [email protected] . In the meantime I will be driving around with my windows up and keep making phone calls!

Thanks again for having this website...I have already learned alot more information about my SSR from you all!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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