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From Kent WH.IS.IT.
Yesterday had new tires put on then to car wash good and clean
Now the part I need help on the way home wipers came on by them self
Turned them on then off though I had it but the wipers came back on
Has anybody had this happen and if so what is the problem

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It could be one of two issues. First I would start with is, you had it washed and the problem showed up. I would remove the cowl screen at the base of the windshield. On the right side is the wiper motor. Remove the electrical plug and thoroughly dry it with compressed air and the wiper motor. Then put some dielectric grease on the connection and plug it back in. Water could have gotten into the connection and shorted it. The next is the wiper switch it's self on the turn signal arm. I have seen them start working while off on GM vehicles. If this turns out to be the problem, then you will need a new multifunction switch (turn signal/ wiper switch)
I would go with my first suggestion first, as it is the most likely cause with you just washing the truck.

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I had a similar thing take place with my wipers not being able to turn off, but also the washer continuously pumped and my wipers switch still controlled the wipers speed. Took '05 SSR into dealer they said the entire wiper motor needed to be replaced. However, GM has discontinued that part and they said could not locate one anywhere in the country.

GM Wiper motor part # 15883514

Anyone know of a wrecked SSR that I could get this wiper motor out?

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2004 Silver SSR with Strips. Owned 16yrs. Start 9K, now 159K miles
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Try SSR How to Library: Again.!853&cid=3EF39D9F5ADCE5E5


Part# ACD# 19120931
or GM# 19120931

Not listed for SSR -Discontinued

NOT - Fits Trailblazer and others, about $100.

Location on Fire Wall, Passengers side fills with water/leaves had a mouse once, flood "cup" causes module to go bad but NOT the motor. Motor very reliable.


Turn Signal, Headlight Dimmer,
Windshield Wiper/Washer w/lever
Combination Switch
T-Sig/HeadLamp DimmerSwitch,
Windshield Wiper/Washer
Switch(w/Lvr)w/Cruise Control

Part Number: ACDelco D6299A



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