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Work Distractions

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Fellow SSR owners:

I seem to be having trouble concentrating at work. I often find my attention drifting outside, where it's warm and sunny. Of course, the view from my office window might be contributing to my difficulties some...

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Oh I am having difficulty reading your email..... this big red truck keeps getting in my line of vision. I say you should take your coffee break driving around the parking lot.
coffee break

Funny you should mention that. I've also noticed it now takes all of my lunch hour to get lunch. All the restaurants that are usually 5 to 10 minutes away now take a looooong time to get there. It's gotta be some sort of vehicle-specific time-space continuum warp or something. As far as a coffee break is concerned, Starbucks is 15 minutes away one way - I'd never make it back to work! ;)
I seem to be coming back after lunch with my hair pretty messed up. If everybody didn't know about the truck, I'd be accused of catching "nooners"...
I couldn't work...


My office has no windows...maybe that's a good thing(?). Don't you see crowds gathering around your truck all day long? Every time mine is at work, it forms a mob. I would think you'd be putting calls on hold and letting your computer go to sleep all day to go out and answer questions.

Lunches and breaks? Sounds like more SSRitis symptoms to me. :lol
Distraction....abuse it is !!!

Distraction !!!

I don't think so. :mad

It's more like ABUSE!!! :cuss

That poor Baby sittin out there, subject 2 the elements. How dare u leave ur Baby without a cover!!! Shame on u. :nono

Go out there n cover her up and then mayb u'll get sum work done, as well. :lol

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I home garage my company vehicle......
today it is finally bright and sunny and approx. 65 degrees.

the only work i want to do is polish her with more zaino!

rick :lol
I know how you feel. It is 70+ outside and I wanted to just go for a long drive before I went to work. It doesn't help me that I work from 3 to 11. I spent at least an hour out side just wondering if I should call in with the summer time flu. :) if you know what I mean. :cool
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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