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Guys: A couple of things have becomes apparent to me:

1. I am currently (still) unemployed and have lots more time than normal to do stupid stuff

2. When I get focused on any topic or device, I tend to become obsessed with knowing ALL about it, and the SSR has earned the dubious distinction of that kind of focus from me.

3. I get a lot of questions addressed to "Jim G" specifically within the threads on this website, or in PMs to me.

4. I get a lot of personal emails and phone calls with lots more SSR questions.

5. Incredibly, people seem actually interested in my views on SSR details, possibilities, problems, etc.

So, I am thinking about doing what at least 2 people have independently suggested, and several have expressed support for: writing a book on SSR ownership!

I don't have a proposed book title yet, but I'm thinking that the chapter headings (20 chapters so far) would include:

- What In The World IS the SSR Supposed To Be?
- Important Aspects in How The SSR Was Engineered for Production
- Reasons to Buy an SSR
- Reasons to NOT to Buy an SSR
- Which Model Year? 03/04 or 05?
- Differences & Similarities Between 03/04 and 05, & Their Significance
- What to Look for When Buying Either New or Used
- The Special Situation of Trading an 03/04 on an 05 Model
- Understanding, & Living With, The Foibles
- Working As a Team With GM & Your Chevrolet Dealership's Service Department
- Keep it Stock, or Modify It?
- The Range of Potential Modifications, & Their Practicality, REAL Effectiveness, & Rough Costs
- Working As a Team With Your Speed Shop & Custom Tuner
- Simple & (Usually) Reversible Modifications
- Moderate and (Practically) Non-reversible Modifications
- Major Modifications
- Understanding the SSR's Onboard Computer & Its Agenda
- Dyno Data
- Actual Street Performance Data
- The importance of Staying Connected With Other SSR Owners

The idea is to create a sort of "owner's manual" for SSR owners and prospective owners, and to cover almost the entire spectrum of owners, from those who intend to keep their SSR relatively stock, to those who are contemplating modifications, but are not sure how far they should, or dare, go, and are looking for some advice and suggestions!

I already have a lot of raw material that I have not had time to yet analyze and summarize, and would add more, some of it coming from tuners, aftermarket suppliers, etc. While I have the material already for the eaerly chapters, I will need TIME to analyze, filter, and organize the more technical material for the later chapters.

I will also need to spend some more money, despite my current, uh, "employment deficiency", in order to get some data that I still need, as the program I had going with MTI Racing came to an abrupt halt when I lost that contract in Atlanta, and my efforts with Vararam require a trip to their facility.

This would all be a LOT of work and fair bit of cost too.

I could do some things to reduce the work and costs and to make the whole project financially viable. For example, "publishing" would be done as follows:

- I would offer SSR owners, or prospective owners, a "subscription" to the "book", where each subscriber subcribes to a chapter at a time (so he/she can cancel the subscription at any time, if the content does not meet his/her needs), or pays a one-time discounted lump sum that entitles them to the entire book (even if it grows between now and completion). Payment would be via PayPal.

- As I complete each chapter, I would email it to the subscriber email list, in Microsoft Word format, in full color, each time sending the ENTIRE book to-date, and culminating with the entire book at the end of the process.

This "publishing" process would have important advantages:

1. It would ensure that the information is fresh and timely, not a year old by the time it "reaches the book stores". As two specific examples of why this is important and valuable, the 05 SSR currently requires special arrangements to access the onboard computer, and there are still brand new 04 SSRs available, which are a BARGAIN for the RIGHT buyers (not everyone), but they will surely be gone a year from now.

2. It makes possible what would be totally financially impossible in a conventional "hardcopy" publishing environment. Book publishers need hundreds of thousands of buyers to amortize the upfront publishing and printing costs over, and I'd be broke by the time those upfront costs were paid for and the book was published!.

So, this is the IDEA.

However, I don't even want to start if it turns out that the total market is, say, 50 total subscribers, as in that case the time and effort expended would greatly exceed any income derived! It Take a LOT of time to rough out, write, edit, and polish a complete book. I know this acutely, as part of what I normally do for many of my employers is write technical proposals in response to requests for proposals from government and private sector clients. I've been the chief protagonist in MANY multi-day-and-night marathons, some of which cost $5000 to $50,000 to produce, but got my employers exactly ZERO dollars in income, because they were not the selected vendor to do the actual project for the client.

So, I thought I'd bounce the idea, and the subscription cost, off the forum FIRST, and see what response I get.

I think I would need to charge a subscription fee of $2.50 per chapter (PayPal charges a lump sum plus percentage even on small sales), or a lump sum subscription price of $30 for the entire book.

The early chapters would probably come out at a rate of maybe one chapter per week (more if I don't get work fairly soon), and later ones would vary based on the amount of technical work required for individual chapters.

I would continue to post on the board just as I have always done, but the book would provide BIG advantages, including:

1. Logically organized, complete, & uncluttered content

2. All-in-one-place, easily portable, electronic or hardcopy content

3. MUCH more detail than postings can realistically support

4. Funding to actually buy, install, test, and report on modifications of interest to SSR owners, so that you spend your money KNOWING what you will get, instead of guessing, hoping, or trusting the advertising text.

5. Greatly enhanced credibility at your local Chevy dealer when you want to draw your service advisor's attention to something unique to the SSR.

You guys have had the benefit of "seeing me in action" on this board for several months, and have even seen me do a planned set of performance mods, and you have seen the results I posted. I'm not an unknown quantity to you.

So, here's the question:

Would YOU subscribe?

If so, just email me a "Yes I would subscribe to your SSR book" message to:
[email protected]

Do NOT try to send any PayPal money yet!

If you would NOT subscribe, just move on to the next posting!

No pressure here. You guys are my friends. If I get too few emails, I'll just post a follow-up note here that I couldn't make it work, and I'll chalk this up as just another idea that couldn't quite "make production".

But, if this sounds good and useful to enough of you, I'll get things organized and going within a few days, and we'll all be in for an exciting ride. :thumbs

Let me know. :)

Jim G

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Count me in!!

So, here's the question:

Would YOU subscribe?
Jim G

I think that most (if not all) Fanatics would agree that we have already made out like bandits having assess to all of the great information you have posted on this forum over the past several months! The info for the price of being a "supporting member" has been a steal. Having a concise and organized Jim G SSR performance manual would definitely be worth it. Count me in!!! :thumbs :thumbs :thumbs

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Jim G Book

HURRAY> This is what I have been waiting for...The owners manual is practically worthless when there is a problem and when I take my 05 in for service I'd like those guys to think I know what I'm talking about. :lol A big thank you in advance. Hope it works out for all of us.

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Not only yes...

But HELL yes!!


Peace :flag
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