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I'd suggest you post an ad in the "SSR Parts For Sale/Wanted" section.
However be aware what goes wrong with the instrument panel is the stepper motors and they can be replaced quickly and cheaply by Dragon2U, Dicktator, or MikeinAZ.
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If you are really lucky.....and I mean really really lucky.
Like hitting the lotto type of lucky. You may just find one.
And if and when you do.... expect to spend lots and lots
of $$$$$$$
When I got my gauge cost me over 700 $$$$
Unless of course you want a chromed one....then expect
to pay in the area of 1000 $$$$$$
or MORE !!!


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dashboard problems

If the instrument gauges are reading wrong, like pegging out at top speed and the temp gauge is incorrect, then most likely the stepper motors. This is common with GM products of this era. I had mine fixed including taking the cluster out repaired and reinstalled for $175.00. So that may be the problem. A cheap fix to a new cluster.

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I have been looking for a chromed set of gauges.
I have them in satin.....but I want chrome. I have
checked all of my sources, with no luck. I have even
checked into having it chromed which is still expensive.

In the mean time.....I figured out that I am going to
have it painted the same color of the center console.

As far as the instrument cluster....
If it is just the stepper motors....check EBay
I got all the motors replaced, along with replacing
all of the lights for $100.
If I remember correctly...
You can replace the instrument cluster yourself
with just a screw driver and I think it was a
6mm socket.


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No need for a back up as your SSR will run fine with out the dash cluster, use one of the experienced Fanatics mentioned above for repair and you will be good to go, just use your phone for a speedo until the dash cluster is re-installed.

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Stepper motors OEM are C5-168 not very good, cheap is a better word.

We are now using X27-168 if you are looking to upgrade. Not expensive but you need to take cluster out, be able to solder and calibrate cluster.

I am now installing LED bulbs in cluster for those who want them. Much brighter.

Approximate cost, part, labor, shipping, $100.00 donation.

Look up CLUSTER REMOVAL on my SSR How to Library.!853&cid=3EF39D9F5ADCE5E5


1. Stepper Motor, no cables anymore.
2. Replacing stepper motors.
3. PC Board
4. Color face plates, White, Yellow, Red.
5. I have White/Red Needles.


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