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XM Satellite Radio Modulator Installation?

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Hello, new member today (2/28), new yellow SSR yesterday (2/27)! WOW so far. (MSRP purchase at my dealer while another 2 miles away is seeking 10K over...)

Here's my question: has anyone yet dismantled the dashboard so as to add a Delphi (or other brand for that matter) FM modulator to the antenna socket at the radio head unit?

I would like to add another cradle so as to add XM Satellite radio functionality, which I have become accustomed to in my Impala as well as my C5 Vette ('03 50th Anniversary Coupe....C6 convertible red/black/red coming this fall). In the C5 I was able to easily dismantle the dash as my forum resources there were full of info on the process.

Any experience, suggestions, or other ideas would be welcomed. I appreciate this forum being here and look forward to sharing and receiving ideas and good discussion.

Thnaks in advance.
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XM Radio

Did you ever install an XM radio in your SSR? I went to circuit city and they told me that GM could remove my radio and install an XM and that should be a standard option. I called the Chevy dealership and they just don't know.
XM radio

The box should be no problem? Where you gonna put the freakin' antenna?
Asthetics aside, I think a surface mount antenna, such as Antenna Specialists XM20, would work on the retractible top bay cover. You would have to carefully route and secure the antenna wires along the bottom side of the cover, and then down one of the cable guides at the side. I think that particular antenna can be panted to match as well.

I don't think reception will be hurt at all by the location. I've installed a variety of XM antennas, and placement isn't overly critical. Asthetics are another matter, and I'm not sure I'd want the antenna blister visible, regardless of how "low impact" it may be.
put it on the dash board. a friend put it on the right side of his tahoes dash and it works great.
That's a great idea, and should work just fine depending on the antenna. For the record, I have an XM "PCR" (PC-Radio) and I can get a satellite signal in my basement, albeit not the strongest one, but one that works just fine to enjoy XM radio.
Ant loc

I was hoping the antenna could stay black and be located in the wiper opening under the windshield. Wouldn't this be simpler than stringing a wire to the back?
I just talked to an XM dealer, and he showed me Delphi's new antenna included in the "Roady" package - it's available separately as well. It's about two inches square, and less than 1/4 inch thick!!! he said they recommend putting it on the dash, and hide the single antenna wire down the defroster vent. double sided tape holds it in place on the dash. Works great!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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