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Some time ago we were all looking at a site called for gadgets and goodies related to our SSRs. As I gave relatives ideas for gifts I would like this year, I noticed this site is no longer showing these trinkets. Where can I send my admirers for these items, now?

I sure want the book SSR-An American Original on my list, too. Where can I get it (or direct others to get it for me)?

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I ordered my book from AQ when it first came out - and made arrangements to have it signed by the author, (Chevy mall started offering the signed version AFTER I had mine done - but they tacked on an 'extra' fee) All I had to pay extra for was the additional shipping. I sent AQ a bio of my ownership to date - and the author was kind enough to add some 'personal' details to the couple of paragraphs he wrote on the inside cover. I don't know if that special treatment is still available...

Anybody interested in a 2005 (actually Dec 2004 to Nov 2005 - since I took delivery exactly one year ago TODAY - 12/5/2003) ) calendar? I tried to select photos of my Slingshot Yellow SSR that I haven't posted here to mix things up a bit - and selected photos taken from the corresponding month. I also went thru the AQ book and several magazines that featured the SSR on the cover and extracted SSR development 'milestone' dates and included them in the calendar too...

Calendar costs me 19.99 + shipping. + shipping to you - will be a total of about 25.00 - plus tip (hee hee - if you are so inclined...), I'm expecting the first three any day now - so as long as the quality is up to par - I'll offer them up. I can also shift the starting month... PM me if interested.


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