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Last chance!

*****Dealer has offered me $35,000 in trade for my 03 Yellow SSR on my 05 Yellow H2 SUT that is awaiting arrival at the dealer. You can buy next week with the extd. warranty for $35,500 or it gets traded in very soon.****************I LOVE my yellow 03 SSR and have an 05 on order. I am awaiting delivery of my Yellow H2-SUT that will get me through the winter here in Michigan and will take delivery of my 05 Yellow SSR next spring. My yellow 03 SSR which I ordered has 1Sb, mats and stickered for $44,345. Original paperwork included (window sticker, photos at dealer when unloaded off of car hauler, and 3 years of paperwork while I waited) I have 6500 miles on my vin#1598. Truck is perfect with just a few normal very small chips from normal driving. ****Just advised I am being invited to the GM Tent for the dream cruise, so mine is only for sale AFTER August 23rd. and ONLY because I have an 05 Yellow SSR ordered with the 390 H.P.**** !!! Note- Expect to have 7500 miles +/- by 8/23 7 Year extended warranty included!!

In short:

Purchase week of 8/23- $35,500 with transferrable warranty or
It gets traded in to dealer around Labor Day for H2-SUT!

email [email protected]
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