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Yes, it is true! 04 SSRs for $1500 under sticker.

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They can be bought in Dallas for $1500 UNDER MSRP. That is 04s only! Sorry I won't post the name of the dealer, but just shop around - it is one of the big ones. :party
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I will refer you if contacted privately!

If you email me outside of the forum, I will give you the contact info.:D

I bought mine 1400 under
man that is hard to believe but it's good prices are coming down.'

some people will get a deal but i paid sticker and think i got a deal too!


I paid sticker too and I think for an '03 that is a good deal.

I have a long time relationship with my dealer and feel they treated me right.

$500 Under MSRP

I called a few places but found this guy to be the best:

Ray Huffines Chevrolet
Internet Sales: Terome Reynolds
972-867-4000 x2268
1001 Coit Road
Plano, TX

In less than 10 mins I gave him my credit card for a 1K deposit and finally got my Yellow SSR. $500 more for shipping and I was done.
Could have beat it in Dallas!

A few miles would have saved you another $1000!
I concure

You muight not get your color choice, but I know somebody that will work a good deal for you as well...and he is in Dallas.:agree
These prices are hard to believe, out here in CA many are still selling @ $5000 OVER MSRP. I got mine for MSRP less $3000 because of my GM Master Card credits. Extremely happy guy!
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