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OK, you Texans and you left coast members, we've been a little jealous of y'all having your gatherings and getting to share drinks, stories and laughs.

Well, JimGnitecki happen to mention in one of his posts (about protecting his SSR from hail) that he was in Atlanta for a while. I contacted him this week and tonight we finally got to meet for a little dinner and then I took him to the first cruise-in of the season in Cartersville, GA. Like most cruise-ins, you just can't believe how many GORGEOUS cars are hidden away in people's garages, BUT there were only two SSR's to be seen. - Jim's and mine!

By the way, Jim is a certifiable GEAR HEAD. He has gear ratios (and sprocket counts for motorcycles) memorized in his head. He is a very interesting guy and I hope he had as much fun as I did.

Just another BIG advantage of being a member of this great forum!

Drive safe!

(P.S. We both brought our cameras, but got so caught up in conversation, by the time we thought of pictures, it was too dark to take any! - HA!)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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