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Zaino search

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Ok...searched for Zaino, looking for a "what I need" list and a "where to purchase close by" list. Never used this product, but it sounds like a good one. It also sounds like something that you need numerous products to achieve the end result. Never did find the "What I need" or "where can I get the stuff" other than placing an order w/ the Zaino web site. If this is it, let me know. I assume that this product isnt available in stores anywhere? Zaino site list numerous products, including kits, just curious what others have ordered/bought.

Steve-04 Asphalt Black
Cassville MO
Home of Roaring River State Park
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:agree with dingbat.

Zaino is applied in a 2-part process, for full details go to . I would definately order from "Zainossr" though because he is extremely quick to ship, and answers your questions just as fast.

On my smokin 05, He recommended: Claybar it with good soapy dish liquid. Apply Z1 and then without removing it put Z2 over it. Let it dry (over night is good but not necessary.) Then follow up with a couple coats of Z6.

Took all day to do it right, but it was worth every second...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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